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Python dict & json

how to use python dict json

Git submodule

how to use git submodule


what is cpa?

Start emotiondiary refactorying

initialize flask develope env

Python virtualenv

Use python virtualenv on windows

Django mathfilters

Start template filters with django-mathfilters library

Django Window Settings

Start django with window env

Runnable jar export

Runnable jar export with text file in source tree

django celery

make web crawler with django & celery

python code convention

using python code convention with pep8

material design lite

Using material design lite frontend framework

Meteor production deploy

setting external mongo db

log rotator

setting log rotator on ubuntu

emotiondiary refactorying

emotiondiary refactorying tech stack

django query set

study for django query set

pip install to mac

how to install pip in mac env

How to fix vim paste issue

vim auto indent mode에 의한 paste 개행 문제

How to fix gitignore issue

gitignore 설정 후 정상 적용 문제 해결하기

Start Blog With Github and Jekyll

github과 jekyll 사용해서 blog 시작!